What is MuzTrends? and How to use it?

MuzTrends is an online portal where you are provided with the latest trending products that people are searching for on Google. You can use these products to sell products on your online stores related to eCommerce, on Shopify, Amazon, or eBay store. Since these are the products that people are searching to buy right now, you can use them anywhere you want. The products shown on MuzTrends have to be inserted manually; we don't have the import products feature.

What is Winning Products?

Along with trending products, MuzTrends also provides you with 15 winning products daily. These products are innovative, practical and likely to sell a lot. You can easily upscale the sales with these products. These are handpicked. Google search ads and Facebook ads targeting data are provided for these products.

How to Get Started?

Just sign up as a free member here; you sign-up using your email, Facebook, or Google account. You always have the option to upgrade later.


Can I use MuzTrends for free?

MuzTrends provides you life-time free package. However, in this membership, the number of products will be less.

How to request Cancellation?

To cancel your subscription use chat option on this page or contact us using contact form. Cancellation request should be 24 hours prior to renewal or it will be applied to next billing cycle.